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Sick and tired of seeing everyone else crush it with Facebook, but not you?

Two Regular Guys Uncover the “Idiot-Proof” Way to Get
Penny Clicks from FB and earn $1k+ in 7 days 

You’ve been working TOO HARD. Make FACEBOOK give you your best
audience, best traffic, and get the best results of your online career.  

Watch this informational video for details:

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4464 Likes In 7 Days, For Just $32.09!

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"This stuff really works..." - Kate Marsh

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"Great results..." - Dory A. Harvey

3504 likes to a dead page, 3 cents a like.

"It's been very gratifying to see this kind of progress so quickly..." - 
Chris Molina

880 Likes In 10 Days, 6c a like...

Some of our recent results using the Penny Clicks Academy system!

Generating huge audiences of engaged fans with super cheap like ad campaigns:

(And NO these are not click farm likes from people that will never buy..They are 100% quality likes from real, engaged people in western countries (mainly USA)

Driving thousands of super cheap penny clicks to our ecom products...

skyrocketing our organic page reach with super simple daily page posts, on autopilot:

Highly engaged communities driving down our direct ad costs to our niche audience:

Penny Clicks Academy Will Reveal Exactly How We Did This!

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“If You Missed Out On The Glory Days Of Cheap Facebook Traffic And All The Money That Came With It..

This Is Your Chance To Tap Into Something Incredible!”

No matter which category you find yourself in…

Penny Clicks Academy is by far the most PROVEN,
take you to that next level… Even if you have:

 No Experience

 No Niche

 No Product

 No Website

 No List

 No Content

 A Micro Budget

We Simply REFUSE To Fill Your Head With CRAP!

Instead of making a bunch of hype-y promises with NO substance behind them…

Instead of talking about “feelings” rather than RESULTS…

We want to dive right into the heart of the matter, the thing you REALLY care about as you decide to join us inside Penny Clicks Academy…

WHY is Penny Clicks Academy your very best chance to achieve
your income dreams with the power of Facebook Ads?

We leverage FB Pages with passionate audiences to drive $0.01 clicks to our product pages everyday!

Penny Clicks Academy uses the POWERFUL (& Often Misunderstood) form of Facebook Advertising... LIKE ADS!

And we use these like ads to get Facebook to hand you the most INSANE and PASSIONATE audiences you can ever ask for… the people that GOBBLE UP whatever you offer, a REAL COMMUNITY of fans that engage and love you and your brand...

Then, we show you how to leverage those pages to make massive amounts of money.

And you never have to burn money on ineffective ads, feel confused about anything, ever again! That is not just our GUARANTEE, but our SOLEMN PROMISE.. 

What Sets Penny Clicks Academy LIGHTYEARS Ahead? We’ll Reveal How To Make Facebook Do The Work For YOU. And it probably won’t surprise you…

That When Facebook Hands You The Best Audience… The Results Are Better Than Anything Else Ever. Period.

Penny Clicks Academy is a Step By Step 'Over The Shoulder' video course that you will be able to instantly access from your private members’ area. 

Inside Penny Clicks Academy, You’ll Discover:

How to start up a FB page community in a niche you know nothing about from SCRATCH and use that page to make INSANE amounts of money. You'll also be able to follow along with us. If you’ve ever wanted someone to take you by the hand, and lead you to results, this is it. We’ll both set up a page and start generating fans in about 1 hour total. You and us.

Why we can give you a 30 days guarantee that all you have to do is TAKE ACTION to get some of the most insane results of your life. Nothing else is so FAST.

How to start with as little as $5. NO content of your own, NO customers of your own, NO list, NO connections… nothing but an Internet connection and the desire to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter how you want to profit: if it’s eCommerce, digital products, t-shirts, Shopify stores, CPA, list building, or anything else in between… these traffic methods can drive the cheapest, most targeted traffic of your life to result in incredible profit.

The ONLY Facebook approved way to run ads directly to squeeze pages, affiliate links, and ANYWHERE else you thought was off limits (it’s NOT… you just have to do it this legal way…)

How to make Facebook give you the best and most profitable audiences you’ll ever target. Hungry hungry buyers and the most passionate people in your niche! This audience is already “hiding” on Facebook’s servers, and there’s one EASY way to access that info for yourself. And we can't wait to show you how.

How to use other peoples’ content while obeying all copyright laws and never getting in trouble. 

The messaging SECRET that eliminates all of those wasted “likes” and weeds out only the people who are TRULY passionate in your niche. The more likes you get, the bigger your page becomes, and the more money you'll make following our simple 3 step monetization process. 

How to use like ads to create the most elite, best performing audience you have ever targeted to. and leverage it for constant streams of penny click traffic to your offers

Having To Do "Work" Hold You Back...
So Don't Do Any!

Look – I understand that the “work” involved with Penny Clicks Academy is small, but it can still be daunting, and it can still hold students back…

Finding a niche… Setting Up Your FB page…. Determining how to target, and testing and tweaking that targeting… figuring out what content and graphics to use... Figuring out how to monetize… And so on and so forth…

So instead of being nervous about all that work… I want you to actually picture it ALL DISAPPEARING… Because…

You can start getting results with Penny
Clicks Academy In 5 Minutes From Now... How?

By Receiving The DONE FOR YOU Package That Will Take All Of The “Guesswork”…
All Of The Time Testing And Tweaking… And Make It Disappear…

Because We're Going To Give You Everything You Need & Everything You Wanted... Including...

3 Step By Step Case Study Videos

SHOWING YOU THE EXACT STEPS We Use To Get Results Like This...

Now Surely... You'd Love Access To

3 Step By Step Case Studies

But We Want To Go Even Further!

We'll Give You 6 Proven Done For You Campaigns That You Can PLug In & Start Running Right Now!

That Means In Addition To 3 Case Study Videos, You’ll Get 6 Done-For-You Campaigns That Have Already Been Proven To Work By Our Students With Absolutely All The Data And Content You Need, Including:


10 Hot, Proven Niches

Proven by our students to quickly and easily grow a passionate following...


30 Fanpage Header Graphics

3 per niche - so you can make a Fanpage people will “Like” in seconds.


10 Proven Interest Stacks

We have the exact proven interests used by our students in these 10 hot niches that got them instant results in their Like Ad campaigns..


30 Fanpage Profile Graphics

3 per niche - so that all you need to do to set up your page is hit "upload".


10 Like Ad Graphics

The exact ad copy, ad graphics and ad structure that got results (all new, all proven within the last month)


10 Like Ad Graphics

The exact demographic targeting we used to get results in these 10 niches - So you target only THE MOST PASSIONATE and responsive audience in your campaign.

So Let's Be Clear, Your Going To Get EVERYTHING!

The 10 Niches

We Used To Get Results...

The 10 Niches

To Build Our Audience – That You Can Use For Yourself…

The 10 Niches

We Made That You’ll Model After…

The 10 Niches

To Build Up The Most Powerful Audience Possible...

The 10 Niches

So You Know What To Expect

The 10 Niches

So You Know If You're Spending Too Much Or Too Little...

Dont take our word for it. These are the Results From Students Who Started From Scratch:

You can join them! Just make the wise choice to try
Penny Clicks Academy Today.

It’s probably crystal clear that Penny Clicks Academy is…

The Most Unique & Powerful Facebook Advertising Training In Years

No one else is telling you how to use Like ads the way we use them...

No one else is (legally) bending Facebook over backwards to get their golden data, niches, and audiences… 

And no one else is using Facebook to send traffic direct to squeeze pages, Product Pages & more, completely legally…

That’s why we want to do everything in our power to make sure you get your hands on these secrets today! 

How Much Is The Ability To...

Instantly Implement Penny Clicks Academy & Get An
Engaged & Passionate FB Audience Fast, Worth To You?

If you can start Building a PROVEN audience TODAY… Without ANY of the work, questions or testing… Is that worth a risk-free $67?

Especially when you can invest in confidence that you’re getting something truly proven and fully tested by us and our students…

An EXCLUSIVE discount… An EXCLUSIVE package of done-for-you campaigns… That in a very short time will disappear forever…

And of course, if you’re not thrilled, you’ll just have to click your mouse for a quick, no-questions-asked refund of your investment.

So the only logical thing to do is check out these 6 done-for-you campaigns and 3 step by step case studies right now.

Get excited… because these were made to blow you away.



Complete Step By Step Video Course
How To Choose A Profitable Niche
How To Setup Your FB Page Community
How To Create & Automate Content
How To Run 'Penny Per Like' Ad Campaigns
How To Engage & Interact With your Fans
How To Generate Sub-Penny Clicks To Your Products
How To Dive Into Your Data To Refine Your Ad And Scale
How To Structure Your Product Funnel For Max Profit (Template Included)
6 Done-For-You Campaigns (fanpage & ad graphics, interest stacks & creatives)
Private Members Area, 24/7 Support
Click Here To Access Penny Clicks Acadmey Now

Our Ironclad 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Decide to try Penny Clicks Academy today risk-free and save more than 50% off the retail price.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the training you’ll receive inside Penny Clicks Academy…

Or for any other reason at all, you’re not thrilled…

All you’ll have to do is click your mouse one time to receive an immediate, complete, no-questions-asked refund of your investment today.

The risk is on us to prove that Penny Clicks Academy does everything we say it will.

And we cannot WAIT to prove that to you as soon as you join us inside your private members’ area.

Saying “No” To Penny Clicks Academy Today Is NOT Saving $67.00

It’s Lighting THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Dollars On FIRE

Think about it…

You’ve probably wanted to have greater success with Facebook ads for a long time. You’ve wanted some sort of “edge” that can help you get there…

You don’t want to compete with the same tired ads in the same exhausted niches…

You’ve been looking high and low for something different, unique, powerful, and proven.

Here it is. Staring you in the face.

It’s Penny Clicks Academy, and it's 100% RISK FREE.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to TRY it out? To TRY out your first $5 Like ad in about 3 minutes from now.. and just SEE how it does?

What if it works? Might that be the beginning of a whole new era for you? One where money flows into your life more easily than ever…

One where you have a business that WORKS, that you are proud of?

All of this is on the table right now for the taking… for the RISK-FREE taking…

If we don’t live up to our end of the deal, you get every penny of your investment back, and you’ve only spent a maximum of 1 hour giving Penny Clicks Academy a try.

But if it does work… just like all of the students before you have proven… Then your life can change forever. Just like it did for us. Just like it did for them.

That’s what we work overtime to help you do. We are here for you.

Join us inside Penny Clicks Academy right now, saving Over 50% Off the retail price, accessing a completely risk-free deal, and see it for yourself.

Click the button below to join us right now.

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Brought To You By...

James Sides

Sam Finlay

Founders Ignite Academy

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